Mail Call! TP-10 x2

Well I ended up bidding on two TP-10 printers on eBay, and they arrived while I was away at Hamvention.

The first came with a 4 pin din to DB-25 cable and appears to have been rebanded “MAGTEK MCAT Printer” although the bottom still shows Radio Shack TP-10, I wouldn’t be surprised if the TP-10 label is below the MAGTEK sticker.20190527_1829232240155370060221270.jpg


The other TP-10 came with a box, the Styrofoam, the 4 pin serial coco cable and some paper!

20190527_1830166944468555836127373.jpg20190527_183026682481147507070909.jpgGood News both of them work in self test and connected to a Coco 3!



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