My Silly Quiz program…

After some comments about folks not getting the Cocotalk in-jokes / running jokes and it being a “barrier to entry” I decided to create this silly quiz program. It should run on a Color Computer 1,2, or 3.  Download the disk image here This version is revised to correct a few spelling errors and changed the play again prompt.  An MC-10 versions in the works.

Below is the live demo from Cocotalk Episode 160


(the demo starts at 1:47:40  if the link doesn’t take you there automatically)

Tandy Assembly 2019

Tandy Assembly 2019 took take place on September 27th, 28th & 29th 2019 in Springfield, Ohio. The Event was moved across the street to the The Heritage Center of Clark County – Clark County Historical Society and Museum. It seemed to be about 75% z80 computers (Trs-80 model 1 etc)

I did live coverage on cocotalk, there were some stream issues so it’s in two parts


Part one can be found here (starting at the 10:38 mark)
And Part two is here


The exhibit hall on the second floor during setup.

My Table featuring  my brother’s game Nightmare Highway

A closeup of  the Nightmire Highway Demo

Keynote Speaker – Paul Schreiber – “Mostly True Tales: Tandy’s Last Stand” I really enjoyed Paul;s presentation.

The auction

The Trivia Contest


Someone dropped off a CCR-81 manual at my table when I was gone, Thanks! whoever you are 🙂

Cloud 9!

The exterior of the museum

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 14

I attended my first VCF ever September 14 and 15th near Chicago! I was proud to be part of “coco row”. This was an awesome show and I plan to attend next year. Alot of the Cocotalk folks were there and we all had a great time. Even got an awsome deal on an “extra clean” Coco3.

Some magnifier silliness at my booth



Three rooms of exhibitors wasn’t enough they had folks set up in the hallway!

Here is the “Extra clean” coco 3 I picked up for $10 with a few other coco items that the seller said were under some C64 items he bought. For some reason it has what appears to be soap powder it it. I took these pictures before I attempted to dump out the majority of the powder. The power switch is was also broken and someone installed a key switch. Hopefully I can restore it.

My Booth at the start of “coco row”

Jim Brain and his musical Tesla Coil


Part of Jim Brain’s display

More of Jim Brain’s tables


Oh yeah and the evening before somehow the 8-but guy ending up our dinner with some of the Cocotalk regulars. Okay actually he was at he airport when the guys were picking up Stevie and he came along.

Mail Call! TP-10 x2

Well I ended up bidding on two TP-10 printers on eBay, and they arrived while I was away at Hamvention.

The first came with a 4 pin din to DB-25 cable and appears to have been rebanded “MAGTEK MCAT Printer” although the bottom still shows Radio Shack TP-10, I wouldn’t be surprised if the TP-10 label is below the MAGTEK sticker.20190527_1829232240155370060221270.jpg


The other TP-10 came with a box, the Styrofoam, the 4 pin serial coco cable and some paper!

20190527_1830166944468555836127373.jpg20190527_183026682481147507070909.jpgGood News both of them work in self test and connected to a Coco 3!


Hamvention Haul!

May 17th through 19th, 2019 was Hamvention, one of the largest gathering of amateur (ham) radio enthusiasts. My favorite part is the flea market and this year was the first time in 3 or 4 years I spotted a Coco. Here is what it looked like on the table 


Missing keys just a coco with a label and some other items sitting on it. I take a closer look at and and the fellow behind the table tells me he is watching the items for his friend. Not being that interested in a beat up Coco 1 with missing keys for $50, I said I may come back later. At that moment the owner shows up and says he has a whole bin of stuff that goes with it. I take a closer look at the coco and see what I now know is a composite mod and a relocated reset switch mod.



After gladly handing over the $50 I took the bin over to a friend’s flea market spot nearby, set the items out on an empty table and took a picture of it all.


Needless to say what a  great deal for  $50! What a great find I am very happy to have it and plan to give it a good home.

I went through the bin and did a brief walk around the flea market during CoCoTALK! #108  here is the video.


More details and pics to come as time permits.