Cocofest 2019!

The 28th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! was held  May 4 & 5, 2019 in Lombard, IL


This was my second Chicago CocoFEST. I had a wonderful time, it was great seeing everybody again. I’m thankful I didn’t get stuck in the elevator.


Eric, Grant and I took a pic ouside the venue for the old Rainbowfest on friday before the show.


Post setup dinner at Fire and Wine


Touch the Heron! You might want some sanitizer after that 🙂

Below is some of the live streaming I did for Cocotalk saturday evening around the 24 minute mark I touch the Heron!

CoCoTALK! CoCoFEST! weekend, Sat Evn – live

The Fest (click to enlarge)

After the fest dinner at Fuddruckers


and before I left for home a selfie


I’m looking forward to next year…the 40th anniversary of the CoCo!


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