The Chalice of Bravery at CoCofest 2018

I got to pose at the forest of Doom booth with the Chalice of bravery and author D. Bruce Moore at Cocofest 2018.


Temple of Rom RGB Workaround

I discovered if you press clear after Temple of Rom starts it switches to PMODE 3. I wrote a short basic program that switches the palettes to make it look more like the tv artifact graphics colors. Download the disk image here.


A quick video of the workaround in action

A quick videos of the alternate color modes you can get with the clear, shift and enter keys before the “patch”.

Timber Man!


I’m Really enjoying playing Timber Man  on my Coco3. I’ve unlocked all of the listed characters. I’m not showing them on the Blog  so I don’t spoil it for others. I did learn on the last Coco Talk that there is a hidden character at 375 chops. We talked about and I played some Timber man on Coco talk 41 to skip ahead to that  Click here to view.

Want you own copy of Timber man and other fun new Coco games? Go here


Watch Steve play (WARNING: Lots of raging and swearing in this video, kids cover your ears!)

Duke of Doom!


I’ve done it! I made it out of the forest of doom and became a Duke of Doom. I wonder if I can use that title now LOL. Also I’ve earned the Chalice of Bravery, which I’m pretty sure is a coffee cup but it is still cool. This is the most fun I’ve had on my coco in a long time!

This was part of a 4 hour marathon that was streamed live to Youtube by OGSteveiestrow.  My game play comes in after Steve dies for the 3 rd time around the 3hour 16 minute mark. When it became all up to me I was not prepared and ended up just pointing my laptop cam at my CM-8.  I did record all my game play directly from my Coco 3 to a DVD recorder. Want Forest of Doom? Get it here!

The full video is below or you can skip to Steve’s 3 third death and the hand off to me.

Below is the last 45 minutes of game play as recorded directly from my Coco. This was about the same time when Steve quit after his third loss.  I hope to have the full 2hour 40 plus minute video of the entire session available in the future.