Dead Coco 3?

I currently seem to have at least 3 complete Coco 3’s. One works and has 512k and I’m fairly certain that was my main coco back before I put all my stuff in storage. It has or rather had a ’86 GIME chip in it.  I have another coco 3  that doesn’t work with some  weird air mover in it.  I ended up posting pics and a short video to Facebook since all I got was a black  screen on composite.  It was suggested that it might be a fried power supply and that may have killed the GIME chip. Well today I swapped the ’87 GIME out of it into my working coco3 and it worked. So I at least know the nearly impossible to replace GIME chip is good and will now reside in my main coco3. As for the other non working Coco3 it still has 128k and does nothing at power up. But those dead coco 3’s are a project for another day…

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